viernes, 4 de febrero de 2011

Pilgrimage (Vol. 1)

Pilgrimage is the first volume of a series of DJ sets I'm releasing in 2011.
After a long while without enjoying the decks, I thought it was enough procrastination and time was coming to do something by myself regarding my favourite hobby.

Long after my last live set in The Caves and The Forest Cafe, there has been changes in my life, fortunately good ones, that distracted me from my virtual decks and sound collections. Every once in a while people asked me if I was still playing, and my answer was getting older and too much used. Falling into the repetition like an old loop.

This set, called Pilgrimage because of my adventures here in Edinburgh, conceives a new project for me. Releasing a new set every month and publishing it though Facebook, Soundcloud, friends forums and here, my official website.

There is no playlist available, but if you are intereseted in any of the tracks, just contact me and I will be glad to share the information with you.